August 12 1999

Developmental history:
Normal pregnancy.  Born at 36 weeks weighing 5 lbs. 3 oz. Couldn't breast feed, had reflux as baby, could not feed self food or bottle until 18 months.  Remained at 5th percentile until 12 months, then dropped off the charts.  Sat up at 11 months, never crawled (butt-scooted), walked at 24 months, didn't use meaningful words until age 3,   However, eye contact, smiling, babbling, and other social skills were on target. Exhibits near-photographic memory.  Cognition remains below age level.

Other Physical Traits:
short stature, microcephaly, prominent ears, prominent nose, deeply set eyes, prominent cowlick (although father has these four traits also)
arms slightly shorter than average, short fingers, fetal finger pads, VSD (partially closed), blue eyes with slight epincanthal folds, arched palate, fine body hair on back and cheeks, hypertonic muscle tone.

Behavioral traits:
OCD characteristics, ADHD, repetitive vocalizations, high anxiety, has tantrums easily, spits and/or pokes at people when anxious, flaps hands and toe walks when excited, fascinated with water, balls, spinning objects, patterns on shirts, very messy eater (taps utensils compulsively on table), very impulsive, mischievous, difficulty sleeping and always wakes at night, very poor fine-motor skills (can only scribble with crayon), can be very loving and enjoys cuddling.

The following test were all normal:
chromosomal analysis, FISH test, CK level, lactate and pyruvate level, and amino acid level. 

He has been tested for and/or ruled-out of the following conditions:
Angelmans Syndrome
Fragile X Syndrome
FG Syndrome
Floating Harbor Syndrome
Williams Syndrome
Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome

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