Diagnosed on April 23rd 2003
"FG Syndrome"

Features & Characteristics

- 3 feet tall 6inches
- 47lbs
- He is tall for his age (appropriate to mother and fathers height, both 6 foot tall)
- All of his extremities (arms, legs, toes and fingers) are of normal size
- He does have unusual shape to his finger nails and toe nails (hard to trim at times)
- His body structure is normal although he does exhibit weakness in trunk of body and hands (being addressed with OT and PT)
- He has a pit on his right ear
- Almond shaped eyes with epicanthal folds above eyes
- Wide bridge to his nose, nose is prominent
- Wide mouth, slack lips, lips appear to be normal if not a little thin
- Overbite to teeth and teeth are wide spread and short
- Tongue does not appear too large but does interfere with feeding at times
- Chin appears normal
- High arched palate
- Hair covering his entire back with several swirl patterns, apparent at birth and has not diminished
- Forehead is prominent and he exhibits bitemporal narrowing
- Head is Dolichocephalic and he has a long face
- Ears are large, but not abnormally so and no unusual shape
- No heart abnormalities or masses in stomach

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