Diagnosed in 2002
"Congenital CMV"

She tested positive at birth but Parents were never told.
Symptoms of the above diagnosis

Features & Characteristics

Build / Stature
- Small body size
- Microcephaly
- Some form of indention on top of head.
- Ear malformations
- Chronic serous otitis and tube placement due to that
- Mild cond. hearing loss bilaterally

- Strabismus and hyperopia
- Epicantha
- The nasal bridge is broad and appears flat.
- Single Crease in palm of hands-cafe-au-lait spot
- Very thin, scanty hair
Long Eyelashes
- Underdeveloped nails
- Pilonidal dimple at the base of her spine
Alimentary Tract
- Swallowing problems
- GE Reflux
- Heart murmur
Spleen / Pancreas
- Enlarged Spleen and Liver resolved by age 1
Immune System
- Pneumonia
Hematological System
- Low blood Count resolved by age 1
Neurological Structural
- Intracranial calcifications
Neurological Functional
- Tremors
- Severe developmental and physical delays
- Seizures
, Epilepsy
- Poor muscle tone
- Short attention span
- Drools (It has gotten better)
Easily upset
Mild hyperteloris
Voice is high-pitched
- Hyperactive
Delayed potty training
- Sucks on fingers and puts things in her mouth.  (We are trying to break her from sucking her fingers)
Will through temper tantrums over nothing (Often she will wake up in the morning crying for no apparent reason).
Lies, will say that people or animals have hit her
Easily excitable, tends to flap her hands when excited.
-Inappropriate behavior towards strangers. (Hugging, kissing, etc.)
Outburst of laughter, kind of like a hackle.  Neurologist thinks it may be seizures or symptom of Angelman Syndrome, we are not sure at this time.
- Uplifted, flexed arm position during running

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